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We welcome account registrations from individuals and corporations from all countries, and we are pleased to accept investors from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your location, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity to create an account with us and explore our investment offerings.

You are welcome to create multiple accounts on our platform; however, we request that you do not link these accounts through the referral program. If you violate this policy, please note that the company reserves the right to revoke access to all funds in these accounts without prior notice.

Our platform allows you to access your account anytime, anywhere through our web interface. You can track all activities related to your account, such as investments, withdrawals, interest, balance statistics, affiliate earnings, and a real-time list of deposits. To ensure the security of your account, we recommend that you log in from the same device or physical location consistently, as this will help prevent our security system from flagging your account as a duplicate.

For Security Reasons All Existing Wallets can only be updated via the Contact Form on the website. If you want us to update your Payout Wallets, please share new credentials for each wallet type and specify the old address so we can verify it with our records.

First of all, try to use the "Restore password" option. If that's not enough, contact our support center to provide your personal and account information. To address our team, use the email address you gave us when registering.

You will earn 6% Daily for 25 Business Days of your invested amount. The Net Profit will be 50% of your invested amount. You will get a total of 150% Profit which will include your Capital Principal ammount. Your investment breakeven in just 17 days and in 25 Business days 150% ROI. please note that no revenue will be credited on weekends (SAT-SUN).

At the moment we work with the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron (TRX), USDT (TRC20) and Litecoin. The $ Value of all Available Balances can change according to market fluctuation

The minimum amount of investment is only $15. Overpay or underpay is accepted while processing the invoice. Our System generate new address everytime a user try to make a deposit. Single one-time investment transaction max. $15K

Your deposit will work for 25 Business days from the moment the deposited was activated in your account. Capital is included in your daily profits.

To create a deposit, you must first become a registered member. After registering, you can log in to your account using the username and password and create your first investment. Simply click "Deposit" in your account menu, there you can choose your payment method and follow the simple instructions on the page to complete your deposit.

Reinvestment or Compounding is Strictly Manual. For the security of the platform’s financial ecosystem, there is no Auto-Reinvest feature or depositing from your balance. You do have to withdraw your funds first. Yet you can make a new deposit at any time

Deposit will be activated as soon as our system will recieve callback from blockchain. Normally it take 1-20 confirmations on blockchain. Once the deposit is credited in your account you will get notified about it. First profit will occur 24h of the deposit time.

No. Your Initial Investment (Deposit Principal) is INCLUDED in your daily revenue, hence by the end of the 25 Days cycle, your investment is closed with no principal back. 6% Daily for 25 Business Days = 150% (50% Net + 100% Principal)

Click on the "Withdraw" area of your Dashboard and specify a payout sum. Check the date of arrival and confirm the request with the Security PIN. To withdraw your profit, you must set a cryptocurrency address in the payment system settings to which you want to send your profits. You can specify the details on the "Settings" page.

Our system generate profits automatically for each investor. Once you will request a payout, it will be processed by our semi automatically system which can take roughly 24h to 96h Business hours depends on time and size of your request. Our Team monitor each transaction.

You may request funds from the available balance with the minimum withdrawal amount of $1.00. The cryptocurrency is always equal to this amount at the current exchange rate.

No, We don't charge any app fee. We only charge network fee as of blockchain. Estimate Network fees: BTC/$2, USDT/1$ TRON/0.2$, ETHEREUM/2$, LITECOIN/$0.5, BNB BEP20/$0.2, USDT BEP20/$0.2. Network may vary from time to time depending on network condition.

No. Your Available Balance will not get Compounded as to Reinvest one must withdraw funds first.

For Security Reasons All Existing Wallets can only be updated via the Contact Form on the website. If you want us to update your Payout Wallets, please share new credentials for each wallet type and specify the old address so we can verify it with our records.

Anyone who signs up on the Bzone App can join our referral program. An affiliate program is a set of technical solutions and financial opportunities created for active promoters who are ready to participate in the development of our company and get a fair reward for it.

The affiliate bonus is credited right after the system confirms and activates your partner's deposit.

Log in to your account and click on the "Affiliates” section. You will see the list of your downlines with all of their deposits and affiliate rewards credited to you.

No, you do not need to have an active investment if you want to start promoting the platform to earn a referral commission. You only need to register an account and sign up users with the system using your affiliate link.

A 7-2-1% Representative Status Affiliate Program can be assigned upon reaching a $50K Team turnover and is subject to administration approval.

Yes, B Zone Trading Serives LTD is a Hong Kong-based entity. Status check at: Trading Licence Pending.
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