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Experience the power of crypto trading and grow your investments with ease

B Zone commits a daily guaranteed 6% trading profit for 25 Business days.


6% Daily Profit

150% Outcome

6% Affiliate Commission






Make your money work for you with our easy-to-use Bzone app

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App Privacy and Security

The security of a platform is paramount in ensuring the trust of users and preventing cyber attacks. To guarantee maximum security, platforms employ a combination of techniques including encryption, access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security monitoring. Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication protocols are also widely used. Platforms must also keep their software up-to-date and regularly test their security systems to identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited.

Passive Income

150% Return In Just 25 Days

Bzone App offer users the ability to earn passive profits through automated trading bots that buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their behalf. Passive crypto trading profits refer to earning returns from cryptocurrencies without actively buying or selling them. One way to earn passive profits is through crypto staking, where users hold their coins in a wallet and earn rewards for helping to validate transactions. Another method is through crypto lending, where users loan out their coins and earn interest on their loans.

Bzone App Live Deposits and Payouts
Live Deposits
  • AK47*** just deposited $400.08 in Litecoin
    1 hour ago

  • tlug*** just deposited $66.00 in Tron
    2 hours ago

  • Jes*** just deposited $1,500.00 in USDT TRC20
    2 hours ago

  • bigdu*** just deposited $150.00 in USDT TRC20
    3 hours ago

  • Arbit*** just deposited $111.00 in Tron
    4 hours ago

  • forte*** just deposited $3,042.38 in Bitcoin
    4 hours ago

  • kaan*** just deposited $180.00 in USDT TRC20
    4 hours ago

  • zipol*** just deposited $750.00 in USDT BEP20
    5 hours ago

  • moiz4*** just deposited $100.00 in USDT TRC20
    6 hours ago

  • james*** just deposited $200.00 in USDT TRC20
    8 hours ago

Live Payouts
  • milli*** just got a $947.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

  • Scorl*** just got a $24.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

  • rober*** just got a $6.00 Payout in Tron
    13 hours ago

  • rober*** just got a $74.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

  • Ticke*** just got a $36.00 Payout in Litecoin
    13 hours ago

  • juke*** just got a $28.00 Payout in Tron
    13 hours ago

  • timda*** just got a $90.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

  • tommy*** just got a $22.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

  • Ctrfi*** just got a $32.58 Payout in Tron
    13 hours ago

  • mitta*** just got a $36.00 Payout in USDT TRC20
    13 hours ago

Conviction Factors

6% Affiliate

You can earn 6% Referral Commission from every new investment.

Common Questions
FAQ's Section

Deposit will be activated as soon as our system will recieve callback from blockchain. Normally it take 1-20 confirmations on blockchain. Once the deposit is credited in your account you will get notified about it. First profit will occur 24h of the deposit time.

You will earn 6% Daily for 25 Business Days of your invested amount. The Net Profit will be 50% of your invested amount. You will get a total of 150% Profit which will include your Capital Principal ammount. Your investment breakeven in just 17 days and in 25 days 150% ROI.

Our system generate profits automatically for each investor. Once you will request a payout, it will be processed by our semi automatically system which can take roughly 24h to 96h Business hours depends on time and size of your request. Our Team monitor each transaction.

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